Ati Edge and the Shadowbirds

Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds

Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds

Ati EDGE – guitar / vocals
Krista Kat – upright bass
Tommy Fox – drums
Home: Budapest
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rock and Roll
Booking: atiedge(at)

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Wild rock and roll, kustom garage rockabilly trio from Budapest, Hungary. Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds is a solo project of The Silver Shine’s singer/guitarist.

He started the band in 2007 and he likes to write songs about his lifestyle, rock and roll, vintage cars, girls, tattoos, etc. A cute and smart girl slaps the upright bass, her name is Krista Kat and an old buddy Tommy Fox plays the drums in this energetic trio. They have toured several times in Europe from Spain to Ukrain and their third album will be out in May 2017. Ati EDGE is officially endorsed by the legendary Gretsch Guitars.


Slam Reviews
"… dirty, garage rock n roll but it really doesn't stray far from it's rockabilly base and that's a good thing."

Famous Last Words
"… evident by the vocals that give the impression of a pre-soak in bourbon, and then left to marinate overnight, before setting to task the next day in a rather gruff manner."