Benny and The FlyByNiters

Benny Peters

Benny and The FlyByNiters

Benny Peters: Vocals, Guitar
Attilio Vecchio: Bass
Andrew Lindsay: Drums
Dean Hilson: Saxophons
James Black: Piano
Alex Howroyd: Saxophons
Home: Melbourne, Australia
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues, Jive, Rhythm and Blues
Booking: Cindy Filips 0439 780 851


Benny & the flybyniters have been a stalwart of the Melbourne roots music scene since 1999. From humble beginings playing local bars and pubs, to tours and Festivals in the USA and Europe, the Flybyniters have made their mark. Backing the likes of Lazy Lester, Big Jay McNeely, Ska/Bluebeat great Owen Gray, to name few, Benny & the flybyniters have always been the go to band in Australia for your Rhythm & Blues fix.


"Benny & the FlybyNiters" is definitely no "fly by night" sort of band. It is Australia's most authentic 1950's style jump blues and R&B bands, and Benny himself has a wide following of passionate supporters along with regular gigs overseas."

"Benny & the FlybyNiters" If you haven't caught Benny and his band live, you're missing out on some real style, class and heavenly music."

"If you don't know them, it's your own fault. Jump blues that's guaranteed to empty every seat and fill every dance floor."

"Benny and the Fly-By-Niters are a world class band, right in your own backyard. Sexy, swinging, music that's sure to loosen lips, hips and morals!"