Black Patti

Black Patti

Peter Crow C. - Guitar; Vocals; Harmonica
Mr. Jelly Roll - Guitar; Vocals; Mandoline
Home: Munich, Germany
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: American Roots Blues
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Black Patti, named after a short-lived Jazz/Blues record label in 1927, has dedicated themselves to the early roots of acoustic blues. The German duo consists of professional musicians Peter Crow C. (guitar, slide, harmonica, vocals) and Ferdinand Kraemer (a.k.a. Mr. Jelly Roll, guitar, mandolin, vocals).

Taking the road typically less travelled by today’s performers of this genre, Black Patti draws upon inspiration provided by early Blues artists to write and arrange their own music. With a two-voiced harmony, impressive instrument mastery and a capturing stage presence, Black Patti has taken the European Blues scene by storm, with their own nuanced version of early American Blues. Black Patti is not a Blues cover band. Black Patti writes and plays their own innovative Songs, arrangements and interpretations of early, traditional American Blues.


Phil Spiro - redicoverer of Delta bluesman Son House
"I know that if you two had sat down with Son House and Willie Brown and Joe Martin in Robinsonville in 1930, and did any one of the "Moon Going Down" numbers the way you did "Future", there would have been a lot of smiles all around, and you would have been as thoroughly welcomed by them as Al Wilson was in 1964, and for the same reasons. I was really moved by that number and by the closing Patton number. So much respect for the material and yet so much originality."

Dr. David Evans - Professor for Ethnomusicology,
"Here's the ideal combination of serious study of the great blues masters and a contemporary spontaneity. Black Patti don't just try to recreate old sounds, although they have the talent to do so. Instead, they make the songs their own with original arrangements that still remain true to the aesthetics of the tradition. I've seen the best and the worst of the Blues Revival for more than fifty years. Black Patti represent the revival's young generation, and they're taking it in a good direction."