Dexter Shaw And The Wolftones

Dexter Shaw And The Wolftones

Dexter Shaw - Vocal / Guitar
Steve West Western - Harmonica
Francesca Shaw - Double Bass
Robert Porkorny - Drums
Home: U.K. / France
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Vintage Blues
Booking: dexinblues(at)



It is a welcome return to the uk and European blues scene for long time blues guitar player Dexter Shaw. A truly great classic, traditional blues player he paid his dues many moons ago with roots going back to doctor feelgood and in his own right a as a respected guitarist. He became known to many of us with his appearance and great chops on the London and uk blues scene ,he played along side many of the very finest uk blues musicians going on to form his very own fine band " Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones".

It is once again with his own new outfit that Dexter has returned, he is helped by his equally talented daughter Francesca shaw getting a big sound out of that upright bass, the highly rated Rob Porkorny on drums , and his old mucker from many a musical collaboration uk harp hero Steve West Western harmonica. I should say Dexter is a natural blues singer no affected or put on vocal. Just fitting his voice along side his driving guitar work . Dexter is from that hard study school of going in and taking something from many of the different styles ,he is at home playing not only that big sounding Classic R&B west coast style from the 40 and 50 but also getting lowdown and gritty with the Chicago blues and that early crunchy Memphis sound. With this latest release " Dexin " on Rhythm Bomb Records and a steady build up of dates we can be assured that blues are in good hands with Dexter and his wolftones . If you like real swinging rocking blues with feeling then get out there and see them when you can folks !
Sonny Burnett .