Dont Mess With Me, Baby

Dont Mess With Me, Baby

Dont Mess With Me, Baby
‘Cause The Trouble With Me Is You
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac


When you ain't got a woman, you got the blues.... when you got a woman... you STILL got the blues. This is the lesson you will learn hep cats and kittens, by simply listening and dancing to this wonderful anthology filled to the brim with songs about the eternal LOVE-HATE relationship between men and women that started with Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden... ENJOY!

-Little Victor (a.k.a DJ "Mojo" Man)


1 Bull Moose Jackson - Watch My Signals
2 Morris Pejoe - She Walked Right In
3 Rufus Brown - Keep A Knockin'
4 Little Irvin - Who's Lovin' You
5 Doc Starkes - Women & Cadillacs
6 Cliff Chambers - Don't Talk Back
7 Larry Ellison & The Mark IV - Young Girls
8 Lonnie Brooks - Mr. Hot Shot
9 Little Willie John - Leave My Kitten Alone
10 King Perry - Come Back Baby
11 Jesse Allen - Take It Easy
12 Jack Dupree - Stumbling Block
13 Rudy Green - Hurry Hurry
14 Little Willie John - Look What You've Done To Me
15 Chuck Higgins - Betwix And Between
16 Big Red Mc Houston - I'm Tired
17 Fox Hall - My Baby Left Me
18 Paul Clifton - Sweet Pea
19 Troy Walker - I'm Getting Hip
20 Alonzo Tucker - What's Wrong
21 Chester Guydon - You Gotta Help Me Some
22 Roland Bennett - Tore Up
23 Gabriel And His Trumpet - Don't Stay Out All Night
24 Sonny Fishback - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
25 Tony Spade - What's Gwyne On
26 Willard Harris - Straighten Up Baby
27 Joe Houston - I woke Up This Morning
28 Baker Knight - Bring My Cadillac Back