Egidio “Juke” Ingala & The Jacknives

Egidio “Juke” Ingala & The Jacknives

Egidio "Juke" Ingala - vocals and harp
Marco "The Kid" Gisfredi - guitar
Max Pitardi - upright and electric bass
Enrico "Henry" Soverini - drums
Home: Italy
Record Label: Chest/Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues, Rhythm and Blues
Booking: egidjuke(at)

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This band has been one of the most in demand old-school rockin' blues combo on the international blues scene for many long years. They played and they still play at the best clubs and festivals and and festivals in the Old Continent on regular bases. Egidio "Juke" Ingala & The Jacknives are famous for delivering highly energetic live performances and also the high quality of the music they perform. They are a top notch band that plays Chicago and West Coast Blues thrilling audiences with their explosive performances in many different Countries. Their fantastic new album on Rhythm Bomb Records features multiple Award-winner Little Victor who's coming back strong with another outstanding production

Frontman Egidio "Juke" Ingala has a very distinctive style on harp and vocals. His harmonica sound has been described as something in between Little Walter and George Harmonica Smith, with a touch of Walter Horton. Juke is a natural-born entertainer with a strong sense of showmanship -something that too often lacks in contemporary blues performers. A subtle combination of tone, phrasing and attack combined with a strong sense of swing are his trademark. A veteran performer with a few albums under his belt, he has beenon the scene since the early 90's, he has been working/touring with American "heavy weights" such as Alex Schultz, Linwood Slim, Anthony Paule, Johnny Nitro, Gary Primich and many more.
Jukd started to work with the Jacknives in 2010 and it was just like they have been playing together since day one. The Jacknives are one of the most solid and authentic blues combos to be found anywhere. The band was already famous for backing harmonica players in a way that reminded of legendary Chicago blues trio the Aces.. band leade Marco "The Kid" Gisfredi is one of the finest real-deal blues guitar player on the scene today. Inspired by Eddie Taylor, T-Bone Walker, Louis Myers and many other greats, he cut his teeth playing behind players such as Paul Oscher, Steve Guyger, Mark Hummel, Lynwood Slim Mark Tortorici, Mike Sanchez and many more.
The band's rhythm section is currently formed by rock-solid bass player Max Pitardi and drummer extraordinaire Enrico "Henry" Soverini -whose love and knowledge of the fine points of this music allows them to play everything from dirty down-home blues to more sophisticated urban grooves. Max -one of the founding members of blues/roots-rock outfit "the Dirty Hands"- first started to play with Juke in 1993. Henry Soverini cites Fred Below, Odie Payne and SP Leary amongst his main influences, has played all over Europe in blues and American music bands, also offering his highly-praised solid backbeat to many touring American musicians.


Blues Junction (USA)
"“Juke” Ingala and the Jackknives are an Italian band made up of Ingala on harmonica and vocals, guitarist Marco Gisfredi, Max Pitardi on bass and drummer Enrico Soverini. They play a nice mix of covers as well as some well crafted original material. This very talented quartet touches on several blues idioms from mid-fifties Chicago to Sun Records, West Coast blues and a little Excello music .The album never lets up and by the time you are only half way through the record you realize you are listening to a strong contender for album of the year."

Blues Box Magazine
"Harmonica player Egidio "Juke" Ingala has become a big name in the European and American blues scene. He plays an excellent blues harp in the style of George "Harmonica" Smith and Little Walter, has a full, warm tone and plays the craziest phrases. He also knows how to perform with power and conviction. He is he centerpiece of the show and the audience magnet is, of course, the lively singer and harp player from Milan, an excellent entertainer who understands both the audience and his bandmates: a first-class rhythm section has been gathered around it that excellently swings and grow Retro blues pure, in the style of the '40s and' 50s, Their sounds brings to mind a mixture of William Clarke, Kim Wilson and Rod Piazza"

Blues Breaker (NL)
" This quartet led by singer / harp player Egidio Juke Ingala Europe plays swinging old school blues, but who are the other musicians? These are: Marco Gisfredi, guitar; Massimo Pitardi, bass and Enrico Soverini drums. They play originals and covers from the fifties and sixties... a mix of swing / jump blues and West Coast. Although Egidio has an estblished "trademark"sound, guitarist Marco Gisfredi is impressive on his guitar as you can listen to include the title track of the Egidio. He has a beautiful warm voice he sometimes raw sound it makes his harp linked provides a nice blues sound.Beside the outstanding guitar work, and harp, the sharp drumming of Enrico Soverini is another ace in the hole. Before you can even listen to all Very tight at the same pace without any slowdown or dip it keeps pace throughout the songs."

Luxemburg Blues Society
"Egidio 'Juke' Ingala is THE reference when it comes to Italian blues. Inspired by his idols Little Walter, George Harmonica Smith andr William Clarke, he is one of the best harmonica players in Europe. But our gentleman also knows how to put up a show! An excellent singer, he loves the stage and always manages to train his audience with a swinging retro jump blues, mix of West Coast and Chicago Blues. After the release of 'Drivin' and Jivin 'in 2005 which will earn him some rewards in Europe. After "Game's over" in 2009, our friend disbands his Egidio Juke Ingala Band to start again with the Jacknives. At the 2012 Blues Cow Festival, the band made a very strong impression, displaying a homogeneity and a pleasure to play communicative. The success of this new formula is largely due to the talent of guitarist Marco Gisfredi. Egidio always had the gift to surround himself with great musicians"

David Mac (American Bluesicologist)
"I received a CD in the mail from a band called, Egidio “Juke” Ingala and the Jackknives. I was knocked out by what I heard. Each of the four members of this band are serious students of blues and have been playing this music for a very long time. Like many of their European counterparts they have gone directly to the source material to learn this art form. Also, like many of the European musicians that I have been listening to, they seem to treat American music with the utmost respect and reverence. Take one listen to their new album and you will understand what I’m talking about."

"'West Coast jump blues of the 40s and early 50s, often spiced with elements of Chicago blues, was some kind of revival in the 90s. But the so-called retro blues wave ebbed in the new millennium more and more, Egidio Juke Ingala -who is devoted to this exciting music- is one of the few who have represented that style for over 20 years absolutely sovereign. With a great backing band and a vintage sound, Egidio is impressive...his fat harp playing is reminiscent of Little Walter or George "Harmonica" Smith... there are not many artists who know how to master this style on the instrument so competently. Speaking of competence, the Jacknives, composed of Marco Gisfredi (guitar), Max Pitardi (bass) and Enrico Soverini (drums), also inspire enthusiasm. They really sounds so authentic.."