Fia Sco & the Majestics

Fia Sco & the Majestics

Fia Sco: Vocals
Colonel Rib Kirby: Electric Guitar
Big Honzo: Steel Guitar
Don De Vil: Upright Bass / Arrangements / Compositions
Ray "Big Balls" Hammer: Drums
Home: Vienna/Austria
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Country/Hillbilly
Booking: dlapa(at)


The band Fia Sco and the Majestics embrace the american style and the sound of the 1940s - 50s and describe their music as Western Swing, Country, Hillbilly Boogie & Pre- Rockabilly. Founded in 2014, the band grew around the young and very talented singer Fia Sco and is under the musical guidance of Don De Vil (Double Bass).

The other members Big Honzo (Steel Guitar), Colonel Rib Kirby (Electric Guitar) and Ray "Big Ball Hammer" are longtime genre lovers and play their instruments in a virtuouso manner for a long time. The first CD named „You´re my sugar“ was released on „Rhythm Bomb Records“, which is internationally greatly reviewed and played by the DJs - and so are the four 7“ Singles that were all released throughout the last year.
The nomination for the Rockabilly Female 2017 of the AMERIPOLITAN Music Award was the biggest honour so far.
The tunes of Fia Sco and the majestics surely will get under your skin and make you dance your shoes off!.


Andrew Smith
"There’s so much to enjoy in this Country/Hillbilly/Western Swing and Rockabilly romp. The original compositions are well constructed, the covers chosen well. Musically the Majestics are first rate, and the vocals delivered in fine style. I suggest you git to gittun and go git you one! "

Fred « Virgil » Turgis (the rockabilly chronicle)
" The young lady has a very good and powerful voice that evokes in her approach the great Rose Maddox (you sometime surprise yourself to expect a laugh here and there). The band is equally good, the two solists trade hot licks with an evident pleasure and the fun they have can be heard throughout the disc, while the rhythm section is just perfect, a special « howdy » to Don DeVil whose swingin’ bass brings a lot to the combo.
If you like the Maddox Brothers and Rose or modern artists like Lynette Morgan you won’t be disapointed with Fia Sco and the Majestics."