Gone Hepsville

Gone Hepsville

Petr Pospíšil - Double bass, Vocal
Pavel Štursa - Guitar, Vocal
Petr Janovský - Tenor sax
Pavel Zlámal - Baritone sax
Matěj Fouma - Piano
Viktor Martinkovič - Drum
Home: Brno, Czech Republic
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rhythm & Blues, Rock'n'Roll
Booking: booking(at)gonehepsville.com


These six boys from the city of Brno (Czech republic) have been rockin' together for more than a decade in a rock'n'roll revival band The Fireballs (CZ), learning the ins and outs of the genre from the masters like Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, The Treniers, Jimmy Cavello, Freddie Bell or The Big Six. After 10 years, they decided it was time to move into somewhat more demanding territory and formed a pure & authentic jiving combo called GONE HEPSVILLE.

They write their own songs, they arrange them in a ways that make them totally irresistible, but, most importantly, these cats are here to get you jumpin' on the dance floor like crazy for the next 10 years at least. So you better get going, because everyone else has already gone. GONE HEPSVILLE. In 2014 they released their debut album "Lotsa Rhythm" on Rhythm Bomb Records.


DJ Wildgoner
"Oh boy, I haven't heard a modern band doin' the good ole' Northern Band Rock' n Roll style since the early 90's. This was the time when the British band Big Six brought back this style of rockin' to the more Rockabilly orientated Hepcats. Does anyone remember their fab cover of the old Glam Rock number " 20th Century Boy" done in a proper Johnny Burnette Trio style?? Gone Hepsville are also from the Czech Republic, seems that there is a very good and healthy scene there at the moment. I always like to hear young bands performing their own material instead of covering the obvious material like in this case Haley, Cavello or Bell. All of the 18 tracks are self written originals and recorded at the world famous Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin, Germany. A very catchy album, great song writing, an authentic sound and some real killer tracks on this one. When I was still in my teens there were bands like the Bel-Aires, the Dynamite Band or the great Stargazers belting out this brand of Rock' n Roll on nearly every big event. Guess it's high time for Gone Hepsville to give the cats some proper Northern Band Rock' n Roll. My favorite tracks? Check out "Lotsa Rhythm", "She Won't Shut Up", "I'm Gone Hepsville", "True Fine Mama That Loves Me" and the beautiful "Surrendered". "

Famous Last Words
"The band of brothers that make up Gone Hepsville managed to cook up a pulsating rhythm by means of jump, jive and rock ‘n’ roll. Stretching to an impressive eighteen tracks, ‘Lotsa Rhythm’ had plenty of time to experiment with a number of influences, which it managed to do admirably, but most notably is the energy exerted throughout, especially with the album’s title track and equally sparky ‘Hip As I Can Be’. With such careful precision and with great dedication to their overall work and sound, Gone Hepsville created a long player that was full of invention, energy and enthusiasm, as well as managing to create a genuine musical ambience regarding certain decades long since departed."

Bear Family Records
"18 tracks, this is the jumpiest, boppinest and swinginest Jump Orchestra since the Big 6 from the UK and Ray Collins' Hot Club from Germany I've ever heard! Gone Hepsville from Brno, in the Czech Republic will definitely tear down every house where you'll spin this silverplatter! It would be a real blast to see these guys perform live at the European festivals - I'm sure they'll hit in like a atomic bomb! Honkin' saxophones, dirty guitar licks, a slappin' bass and a thunderlike rollin' of the drums and the great lead vocals plus the shouting back vocals make this album within seconds to your favourite Jump Rock & Roll platter! Five stars all the way!"