Hank Williams – The Lonesome Sound

Hank Williams – The Lonesome Sound

Hank Williams
The Lonesome Sound
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
GENRE Hillbilly
TRACKS 12 (30:48 min.)
FORMAT 10″ LP • Gatefold cover

Bear Family

Release 23. March 2018

It was New Year 1960 and though Hank Williams had been dead for seven years his fan-base was little diminished from the dark first day of 1953 when the undisputed champion of country music left his fans to find a new hero. Some folks did, but many didn’t and Hank’s songs seemed to become almost more popular as time went on. The Williams style and sound was imitated by many newcomers, those who didn’t go the rockabilly or smooth country route, but no-one quite seemed to match up to Hank. But now, suddenly, amazingly, the champ had a new album out!
‘The Lonesome Sound of Hank Williams’ was issued as MGM E 3803 and promoted in ‘Billboard’ on January 4 1960 in a block ad for new MGM albums. Two weeks later, ‘Billboard’ made it a ‘Spotlight Pick’ among the new releases. The reviewers pointed out that it was interesting because the songs were not Hank’s own but they were firmly in his established style. The original LP notes talked about these unissued recordings where “the spirit is flawless, the entertainment value monumental.” They didn’t mention that the songs were largely vocal and guitar demos by Hank with a group of backing musicians added since his death. Some years down the line, commentators started to argue about the value of these and other overdubs and whether they had revitalised or defiled Hank’s music. But the passing years have blunted some of the arguments and we can be glad now to have these versions which show how well Hank’s basic songs could “scrub up” for public appearance on disc.

  1. It Just Don't Matter Now
  2. First Year Blues
  3. Cool Water
  4. Dixie Cannonball
  5. I'm Free At Last
  6. Roly Poly
  7. No One To Welcome Me Old Home
  8. Rock My Cradle Once Again
  9. Sundown And Sorrow
  10. Rockin' Chair Money
  11. Tennessee Border
  12. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love