Hymn for Her

Hymn for Her

Wayne Waxing
Lucy Tight
Home: USA
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Americana, Country
Booking: hymnforhermusic(at)yahoo.com

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Hymn for Her have been busy touring across the country and abroad over the past few years, injecting juiced-up backwoods country blues with a dose of desert rock psychedelia that has been described as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish,” and “Hillbillies with electronics opening Pandora’s Box”

In the spring & summer of 2016, they toured Europe and the UK. They returned to the States in the fall to promote their summer release, “Drive Til U Die” recorded partially in their Bambi Airstream and partially in studios with some great engineers/producers. (Vance Powell, Mitch Easter & Jim Diamond).
In 2017, they returned to the UK and Europe playing many festivals, including Glastonbury, to promote “Drive Til U Die” to their overseas audience

A new release recorded with Vance Powell is due out in the Fall of 2018.

They recorded their 2nd album, “Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream”, in their vintage 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer at locations stretching from Philadelphia to Malibu on a three-month tour.
For their 3rd release, “Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin Flames”, the twosome kicked it into high gear. They traveled to Ghetto Recorders/Detroit to work with Jim Diamond. They recorded live & mixed 12 original songs in just one week.
The duo certainly covers a lot of musical territory in Smokin Flames. Their wild-eyed mash-up of country, blues and punk led U.K. music critic Steve Bennett to call H4H’s sound “a riotous, rocking roadkill stew,” while others have referenced such diverse bands as Captain Beefheart, Primus, X, R.L. Burnside, JS Blues Explosion and the Ramones.
Impressively, the two create their “ripsaw sounds” (Los Angeles Times’ Randy Lewis) with only a few instruments. Wayne (with the devilish voice), mainly playing the kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harp, serves as the group’s rhythmic driving force. Lucy (of the fallen-angel voice) delivers a gritty squall on her “Lowebow” — a custom-made cigar-box guitar: “The Riff Monster.”
Catch this duo as they burn down the highway and tear up your town like a Wichita twister.


"Created using broom handle cigar box banjo, dobro, bass drum, hi-hat and harmonica, the music of Lucy & Wayne and The Amairican Stream by US duo Hymn For Her, proves categorically that you don’t need a megabuck budget to create some high-end kick-ass boogie. Recorded in the classic sixteen-foot 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer (caravan) that they call home, it’s an impossible-to-categorise and unforgettable sonic wall of banjo-thrash-country-rock-acid-blues of the sort that you could imagine Jack White having on his iPod”.

– UK’s R2 (Rock ‘n’ Reel) magazine

Rarely do you find a record that kicks so much ass in so many ways. Hymn for Her is Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing raising hell in their 1961 Airstream trailer, and you won’t believe how much passionate noise two people and a cigar box slide guitar can make. The opener, “Slips,” leads off with a nice Lester Flatt lick, roars into Jason and the Scorchers land with a howling Led Zeppelin harmonica topping, and it’s nothing but whup ass the rest of the way. Recorded entirely in said Bambi Airstream, the range of this record is astounding. “Not” sounds like a lost Mazzy Star/Portishead moment, the soft croon of Lucy Tight floating on a bed of guitar and vibes. Classy. Then it’s “Montana” that has a heavy White Stripes mojo, again with the crazed slide guitar and some sleazy wah wah action that makes you think Cream had reformed again. By the time you get to their potent cover of Morphine’s “Thursday,” you believe there’s not anything Hymn for Her can’t do. Lucy & Wayne and The Amairican Stream is simply a brilliant record, full of energy, wit, and irreverent pokes in the eye to conventional genres and styles. It don’t get much better than this.

-Ink 19 (FL)/James Mann (url: http://www.ink19.com/issues/march2011/musicReviews/musicH/hymnForHer.html)

“Fuzzed out folkie Americana straight outta the Airstream!!”

–Jim Diamond-engineer/producer (White Stripes)

The level of enthusiasm over Hymn for Her’s particular approach to that whatever-it-is kind of music they do was akin to some of the punk rock shows I went to in college…They play as hard as is humanly possible.

– No Depression/Kim Ruehl

“Awesome!!! The sound is so spot on old country shot out of a cannon… yehaaooolyyshiiiiiiiiit music!”

–Dave “Stiff” Johnson- producer (G. Love & Special Sauce)

“These trailer park hippies can sing and play their butts off and don’t give a hoot what the straights think! It’s White Stripes meet Country Joe McDonald, with things just psychedelic enough to keep everyone interested and on their toes. The humor is good. The music even better.”

– Vintage Guitar Magazine/RA

“From otherworldly meditations to fire-breathing rave-ups where banjos are banged like bongos, their live show is riveting and transcendental. H4H conjure a grippingly modern vision of folk that’s completely free of cliché…intensely haunting.”

–Orlando, FL Weekly/Bao Le Huu

“An ear-blisteringly good listen. Energetic, even heavy at times, but wholly organic. I hope to hear more from Lucy and Wayne, and you should too! Whether you call it alt-folk, stomp-grass, or cow-metal, this is one the best D.I.Y. efforts to come along in years!”

-KBAC-FM, Santa Fe, NM/Chris “Toast” Diestler

“‘Lucy & Wayne and THE AMAIRICAN STREAM’ explores a fast-paced landscape of wildly original rock & folk with lots of fun & funky detours. The CD captures a remarkable musical journey, and like all great trips, you’ll want to go back and experience it again as soon as it’s done.”

-Producer of MiND TV/Eric Fiedler