Little Victor

Little Victor

Little Victor – vocals, guitar & harp
Big Jon Atkinson -guitar, drums
Carl Sonny Leyland – piano
Jo’ Buddy – guitar
Kim Wilson -harp
Tomi Leino – harp
Harpdog Brown – harp
Carl Sonny Leyland – piano
Steve Lucky – piano
JP Prepula – upright bass
Brent Harding – upright bass
Downhome King III – drums
John Palmer-drums
Home: Planet Earth
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues, Rhythm and Blues
Booking: littlevictor(at)

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Little Victor, a.k.a “The Beale Street Blues Bopper” is a multi-award-winning musician and producer, famous for the quality of his shows -a mix of authentic old-school rockin’ blues and cabaret stage antics- and the outstanding artistic quality of his records and productions. He’s an exemplary keeper of the fame. His joyous showmanship and larger than life personality has made him a popular international festival attraction for decades until he practically almost retired from live activities -to focus on production and other stuff -before recently moving to the UK. Little Victor is back with a new groundbreaking album “Deluxe Lo-Fi” and he’s ready to hit the road again!

The Los Angeles Times called Little Victor “an untamed maverick whose raw, primitive sounds are the utter antithesis of the contemporary blues model.” Veteran music journalist Jonny Whiteside (author of “Ramblin’ Rose: the Life & Career of Rose Maddox” and “Cry: the Johnnie Ray Story) wrote.”The offbeat singer-guitarist eschews the genre’s prevalent trend for streamlined six-string virtuosity in favor of wild shouting, stabbing guitar and heavy, almost hypnotic, rhythmic repetition.” He has recorded for Wild Records, Witchcraft, Bluestown, El Toro, Ruf Records,  and many other labels, before joining the Rhythm Bomb family. At first as a free-lance producer – check out the great albums he did with the Jelly Roll Man, Mo Al Jaz, Juke Ingala & the Jacknives – and consultant and coordinator for the Koko-Mojo label. It took more than two years, some strong words, and a lot of encouragement form Rhythm Bomb Records supremo Ralph Braband to convince him to finally release a new record. He was too busy producing and playing on other people’s albums. Victor started to sing in 1981 at the tender age of 14 -hence his nickname “Little” Victor- in a 1950’s rock and roll band that mostly featured songs from the Sun Records vaults. At 16 he picked up the blues harp.  He learned from playing with real bluesmen in Memphis, Tennessee when he was still a young lad.

Victor learned guitar from legendary Uncle Ben Perry, the “King” of Beale Street -where Victor got what he calls his blues master degree. That’s why he’s often referred to as “The Beale Street Blues Bopper.” He played/recorded/toured with the likes of Robert Belfour, RL Burnside, Hubert Sumlin, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, Harpdog Brown, Bob Corritore, Rusty Zinn,  Charlie Musselwhite, Kim Wilson, Big Jon Atkinson, David Maxwell and other great musicians and legends.

He “struck gold” when he hired his blues hero Louisiana Red to front his “Little Victor’s Juke Joint”. The two albums they did together are regarded as “classic” records and two of the best old-school blues albums of the 21st Century.Little Victor won the equivalent of a Grammy in France (Grand Prix du Disque) the “German Record Critic’s Award” (Preis der Deutschen Shallplattenkritik) and a “JIMI Award” in the. He also earned two “Blues Music Awards” nominations (best blues album/ best traditional blues album) in the States. He was also nominated at the “Maple Blues Awards” in Canada (Recording / Producer of the Year) in 2016.  He got tired of the life on the road after spending more than 3 decades on the road, so he decided to slow down live activities and focused on production work and other projects. His life was seriously missing a bit of “action” so he decided to get play more live shows again and to focus more on his own career again earlier this year. The result is his new groundbreaking  “Deluxe lo-fi” album. This is Victor’s first release under his name since 2010. This album contains some of the best songs he ever wrote and recorded and features some of the best  musicians in the World for his music, Kim Wilson, Steve Lucky, Carl Sonny Leyland, Harpdog Brown, Tomi Leino, Jon Atkinson, Jo’ Buddy, Jordie Edmonds, Downhome Kings, JP Prepula, Danny Michel, Downhome King III, John Palmer and Brent Harding. This record -also produced by Little Victor- contains16 killer songs -13 originals and 3 covers-  and It caters to a wide range of styles from  1950’s rockin’ blues to popcorn,. Raw early soul, “blues-a-billy” and pre-war blues, late 50’s/early 60’s R&B and blues boppers are also on the menu, Victor even goes back to his rock and roll roots with a fun Little Richard type of song. He tried to make this new opus sound like a collection of vintage scratchy “obscure” 45s and 78s – just like the excellent similar “classic” stuff on the  Koko-Mojo anthologies. The album was recorded at very good studios by very skilled people, but Victor decided to really go” Lo-Fi “on this one. Not the “Disney” version of lo-fi you often hear nowadays, but the “real thing.” All types of lo-fi sounds are covered here. From “slightly” lo-fi to “ultra” lo-fi, sometimes with rapturous consequences.  Little Victor claims “old-school” is the new cool, blues is the “next” rockabilly” and lo-fi is the “next hi-fi. Listen to this record and let us know what you all think about that. We got copies for sale!


"just played "Deluxe Lo-Fi" through it for the first time... Wow, what a wonderful record. It's raw and passionate and clearly shows what a deep understanding and love Little Victor have for an era of the blues that seems to have been forgotten by so many of today's blues performers. I think it's such a great piece of work. As much as I adore Muddy and BB and all the greats I feel it's so important to let people know that there's still a great scene going on right NOW and people like Little Victor are doing the REAL thing. I think what Victor is doing is going to make a real impact in the near future, it'll be the next blues movement...I hope so anyway!
- Steve Hoare (The Blues Lounge)

"Masterful guitarist, songwriter, harp player and singer of extraordinary wit... those long hot days wailing on Beale Street have paid off in spades for LV... he's got the tone, he's got the moan, he's got a black cat bone!"
-Tav Falco (performer and author of Mondo Memphis)

“The Salvador Dali of the blues”
-Back To The Roots Magazine

“Little Victor’s music should be placed some notches above the vast majority of what’s out there in the blues field today –stuff that has little grounding in the tradition and just represents superficial borrowing and adaptation..."
-David Evans (musicologist and author of Big Road Blues)

"An exemplary keeper of the flame. His collaboration with Louisiana Red has a world wide impact, earning many Awards. His rowdy, joyous showmanship, larger than life personality, and deep understanding of the fine points of the downhome tradition have made him a popular international festival attraction"
-Bob Corritore (award-winning musician DJ and and producer)

"You were born too late man...VeeJay records would have snapped you up immediately if you'd been born in the 40's "
-Mike Vernon (president of Blue Horizon Records and producer)

"Muddy Waters is certainly smiling on you carrying his music!"
-Bob Margolin ( Muddy Waters Blues Band)

“An excellent blues guitar player in the Willie Johnson mold circa early 1950s who also plays great tough harmonica”
-Blues & Rhythm

"Stomping, Muddy Waters-style sounds"
-Time Out

“Victor plays in a style you can rarely hear outside Mississippi juke joints”
-Robert Palmer (former editor of Rolling Stone and author of Deep Blues)

“Little Victor is an artist of his own making, tied to the past but on a loose chain that allows you the freedom to be you…”
-Chefjimi Patricola, Blues 411