Love Shock

Love Shock

Love Shock
About Those Beats From The Heart
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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Well, well, well! Look what we got here dear cats and kittens... another "cool as a toilet stool" anthology of great songs from the "land of the Ravy-Gravy" about this thing called "love" and some of the best songs in the World are about love. You can finally dance to it. Not only that. I'm sure you'll LOVE it!

-Little Victor (a.k.a DJ "Mojo" Man)


  1. Big Man
  2. You're The One
  3. Ooh Little Girl
  4. Hi Fi Baby
  5. Chocolate Fizz
  6. Tell Me So
  7. One More Kiss
  8. I Just Cant Help It
  9. Flyin' Home To My Baby
  10. I Want To Rock You Baby
  11. 29 Ways
  12. Get Your Clothes & Let's Go
  13. Just To Get To You
  14. I Need Your Lovin'
  15. Love Shock
  16. Shake A Little Bit
  17. You K.O.'D Me
  18. Shirley Jean
  19. Dizzy Little Girl
  20. Thass Right
  21. Top Notch Grade A
  22. I Like The Way You Walk
  23. Hey Country Girl
  24. Pretty Woman
  25. Levey Dovey Lovey One
  26. Angel Child
  27. Say It Again
  28. Mad With You