Mo Al Jaz

Mo Al Jaz

Mo Al Jaz - lead vocals and harp
Dexter Shaw - guitar
David Imir - guitar
Francesca Shaw - upright bass
Home: France/U.K.
Record Label: Chest/Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues, Rhythm and Blues
Booking: moaljaz63(at)


Little Walter Jacobs was arguably the most influential blues harmonica players of all time and he still is. Veteran harp player Mo Al Jaz brings Little Walter back to life with an honest and heartfelt tribute to Walter and his music. The album "The Blues of Little Walter" (originally released on Mo's own CHEST Records) produced by multiple award-winner Little Victor really sounds and looks like a Little Walter album from the 1950's. Lot of people tried to get the famous CHESS sound for decades, Only very few got this close.

Mo Al Jaz is a French harp slinger with several albums under his belt. His accent (you can hear it here and there) probably makes him the Charles Aznavour of the blues when he sings, but he does not have an accent when he blows his harp! Nobody reinvented the wheel of blues harmonica here, but everybody is having a helluva good time playing Little Walter's music the way it oughta be played Mo has idolized Little Walter since he started to play many moons ago. He always wanted to record a tribute to his blues hero. I reckon he has accomplished that. This project had the blessing of Little Walter's daughter Marion Jacobs Diaz and got Mo and his partners in crime a slot at the prestigious Cognac blues festivals in France, an invitation to perform a Little Walter's Birthday Bash at Buddy Guy's club "Legends" in Chicago and many rare reviews and "thumbs up"on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.


Marion Jacobs Diaz (Daughter of Little Walter)
"It sounds really good. Great Job - Dad Approved ! "

Scott Dirks (Author of "Blues with a Feeling")
" The overall sound and production quality of "The Blues of Little Walter " is excellent.
Producer Little Victor really did a good job of capturing the sound of the old records..."

Bob Corritore (Award-winner harmonica player and producer)
" Nice sound and playing and singing. Of course it is impossible to compete with the original versions.
Sounds like everybody l had a blast recording it!"

Mark Overman (BluesHarmonica.Com)
"I was really impressed of how great it this record is is. I really appreciate when someone does a tribute album to stick close to the original. Often it's the subtile things like getting the feel of the vocals or getting the phasing of the notes played right. Mo and all the cats responsible for this recording really nailed it! Respect to you all."

Raoul Bhaneja ( Actor, singer and harp player of "Raoul and the Big Time")
"Mo on this record got some great studio sounds and killer musicians together over to back him up on these classic cuts. The instrumental and alternate are particularly fun for me. He's spent a lot of time with Walter no doubt."

Don "T-Bone" Erickson (Radio personality at KFMG 98.9, Des Moines, Iowa)
"'I really REALLY dig the sound and the vibe of this record. that is a given. The harp playing and the music is top notch. Hat off to Mo and Little Victor for this production. This album will be on my regular rotation from now on my radio shows."

Bernie Dollery (Blues 277 Radio, UK)
"I know what you’re going to say. ‘Not another tribute to Little Walter’. You’d be wrong. Firstly you can never get enough of Little Walter. Secondly instead of trying to reproduce Walters’s songs note for note, Mo gives them his own spin.In keeping with the originals, the sound on this is defiantly ‘Old School’, and was recorded in France and mixed by Danny Michel with help of Big Jon Atkinson of Bigtone Records in California.The album was produced by Little Victor.This is a must for all harmonica and blues fans."

Charlie Lange (Bluebeat Music USA)
"'Singer and harp player MO AL JAZZ creates a faithful rendition of the BEST OF LITTLE WALTER release complete with similar artwork and label design. The band plays true to the stripped down sound of the ACES and MO plays it straight on the harmonica... A "must have" for Chicago blues lovers...."