Move On!

Move On!

Move On!
Drinking Songs Straight From The Jukejoint
Vernacular Dances Off The Dance Track
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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Dig this boss selection of songs from the "Land of the Ravy-Gravy" filled to the brim with tunes that will allow you hip cats and kittens to try your best not only at the TWIST but also at the DOUBLE FREEZE, the WIGGLE, the KANGAROO, the CRAWL, the TWIRL and other forgotten dances you probably never heard of... ENJOY!

-Little Victor (a.k.a DJ "Mojo" Man)


  1. St.Louis Sunset Twist
  2. Louisana Twist
  3. Shake Baby Shake
  4. Lets Do The Wiggle
  5. They Just Rocking & Rolling
  6. The Twirl
  7. Charles Walker Slop
  8. Dean & Jean
  9. The Coffee Grind
  10. Slim's Twist
  11. Cha-Cha Twist
  12. Pony Walk
  13. The Whip Part 1
  14. Oh My Liddy
  15. The Kangaroo
  16. Double Freeze
  17. Can't Stop Me
  18. Go Go Gorilla
  19. The Freeze
  20. Take A Bath
  21. Du De Squat
  22. Topless
  23. The Mix Up
  24. Lot Of Shakin' Lot Of Livin'
  25. Shake That Thing
  26. The Crawl
  27. The Boogie Twist, Part 1
  28. Move On