Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes – Dealing With My Blues

Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes - Dealing With My Blues

Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes
Dealing With My Blues
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rock and Roll, Blues, Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: 12inch LP
Limited: to 500 copies

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French Rhythm and Blues guitar player and singer NICO DUPORTAL presents his fourth and up to date best longplayer on RHYTHM BOMB RECORDS.
The release of the last effort „Guitar Player“ in 2015 was a milestone in the career of the six piece band of bandleader, songwriter, leadguitar player and singer NICO DUPORTAL . Not only Blues fans but especially the Rock and Roll scene got an eye on Nico‘s bluesy and rockin‘ style. „Dealing With My Blues“ brings his music to a new level. Without leaving the 1950s music scene he makes friends with some more modern styles as Soul and early 1960s Blues. Piano player OLIVIER CANTRELLE adds a warm and rockin Hammond organ to many of the songs. Nearly all songs are written by DUPORTAL and his band mates and his belgian colleague TIM LELEGEMS (FRIED BOURBON, SHAKEDOWN TIM & THE RHYTHM REVUE) added some lyrics too. Not a big surprise, NICO DUPORTAL produced Tim‘s last recordings that was a start of this colloberations. Blues-veteran BENOIT BILLOT aka BENOIT BLUE BOY wrote the instromental „Benzola Ascensor“, on which he plays harp too. Nico teamed up with legendary songwriter Don Cavalli for the soulful ballad „Mess And Chaos“ . „Dealing With The Blues“ is a colorful mix of Nico‘s many talents. From 1950s uptempo Rock‘n’Roll sounds („I Know The Rules“, „Long Way To Go“), swingin‘ songs („Sometimes“, „The One To Blame“), late 60s instros a la VENTURES („Soul Patch“) or groovy cool downtempo classics („Junior’s Mambo“, „Mess And Chaos“) - NICO and his RHYTHM DUDES deliver a interesting, modern, sometimes funny ( see „I Will Unfriend You” - a jivin‘ persiflage on the modern day social media hype) album, without leavin‘ his fans of authentic 1950s Rhythm and Blues sounds behind.