Ray Allen

Ray Allen

Ray Allen a.k.a. Mathias Arnold - Vocal, Lead - Guitar
Gerdi a.k.a. Gerd Vorwerk - Bass
Bully Twist a.k.a. Sylvio Lau - Vocal, Drums
Jan J. Dillard a.k.a. Martin Wauer - Vocal, Piano
Home: Germany
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Authentic Rockabilly
Booking: matt-bopcat(at)web.de


„Rock'n'Roll is here to stay“… This old 1950's cliche' is even more relevent today. A great example is RAY ALLEN. He and his band are playing real Rock’n’Roll! RAY ALLEN plays authentic rocking ‘late 50s’ and the bopping early 60s’ sounds without compromise. They even look the part with authentic clothing, microphones, and instruments. They are returning real R+R to the modern day national and international stages. Ray's program, from the self-named ‘Teen-Age-Rocker,’ is a mix of Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Popular and Instrumental music. The songs range from wild rockers, via crisp strollers to cool jives. Apart from his own arrangements, songs from Kenneth Parchman, Don Woody, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sonny Burgess, Roy Hall und Gene Summers are part of the repertory. The band , formed around frontman and bandleader Mathias Arnold a.k.a. RAY ALLEN, has been constantly developing in the past years. Today’s performance is influenced by experiences and inspirations gathered from projects like “Moonlight Classics“, “RAY ALLEN With The Hi-Fi’s“, “RAY ALLEN & The Blue Rhythms“ and “RAY ALLEN Trio“.

Mat Arnold took on his stage name, Ray Allen, in the early 2000's. At that time, he was active as a singer and rhythm guitarist for the band named "Thunderbirds" who later changed there name to "Moonlight Classics" which played melodic, danceable rock 'n' roll & rockabilly. They had released two albums before parting ways in 2007.
Ray began his solo path in 2004 and formed a backing band "The Hi-Fi's". Members included: Frank Pampel, Daniel Klein (both Wildwood Boys), Gerd Vorwerk (the Jumblers) and Mike Hesse (Wildwood Boys). The first album was recorded in 2006 in the Berlin Studio "Lightning Recorders" and released as a Rhythm Bomb record. In the same year, he started a second band, the "Blue Rhythms", with which he also began the second album for Rhythm Bomb records. With Alex Anthony Faide (Los Twang Marvels), Carsten Harbeck on bass guitar (Cherry Casino, Round Up Boys) and Tillmann Richter on drums (Mentalettes). Ray had a great band. But through everyone's deep involvement in other band projects, the musicians parted ways in 2010. What Ray developed next was the "RAY ALLEN TRIO ", consisting of Gerd Vorwerk/bass (Hi-Fi's), Sylvio Lau / drums (Moonlight Classics) and Ray/on guitar. Quickly, the guys were a super team on and off the stage. The band had a compact sound which was reinforced through many two-part harmony voices in the set list. However, they were limited musically as a trio. To make the 1950's R+R sound even more authentic, and to be able to perform it live, a pianist and a composer was needed. The search proved difficult to find a suitable musician. But a 2012 chance meeting with Martin Wauer resulted in a new member joining the band, on piano. With an enlarged ensemble, it was now the "Ray Allen Band"!
Now with the new gigs, the number of fans, the repertoire, and proven professionalism they started their climb up again in the music scene. Their heavy touring further honed their musical program, and they also worked on their new stage presentation. In 2013, the time was finally right, and the longawaited and much-praised third RAY ALLEN album came on the market. In the aftermath, the guys were able to boost its popularity and make a name for themselves. RAY ALLEN and his amazing band are a real experience live to see and hear! These "teen age" inspired rockers play their songs with such detail that only experts can hear the difference to the originals. With their own titles, they connect seamlessly to the spirit of the old 50's originals. The songs reflect the raw enthusiasm of the many styles of the 1950's and early 60's rock and roll music, which back then filled the dance floors with teenagers. Concerts with RAY ALLEN and his mix of rock, bop, stroll * jive make one simply wanna dance. You can experience RAY ALLEN with the current band at the Kustom Kulture/Herten, on the Firebirds Weekender/Trebsen, Race 61/Finowfurt and by the Atomic Vintage Festival/Northampton. "Overall, we play 50-60 gigs a year, festivals, All-nighters, in clubs and at private parties". Out on the road, the band has looked back on over 400 gigs since 2005. RAY ALLEN also played on the High Rockabilly/Calafell, Head Banging / Finsterwalde, Rockabilly Bomb / Chemnitz, Cowtown Rocks Again/Düsseldorf....


Arnold Vinkeles
"The way this band interprets rock ‘n’ roll music is pure, honest and they possess a highly developed sense for that ultimate authentic late 50’s sound. If you listen to their up tempo rockers you can hear the rock virtually rollin’! Comparing to other present rockabilly combos here in Europe you hear more rock and less billy and that makes their sound so attractive for every true rockin’ and rollin’ 50’s cat. The fact that this band comes with more than 1 gifted vocalist, gives them the opportunity to sing in close harmony which forms an excellent accentuated addendum to the high tempo guitar and piano sound. I can assure you seeing them live is the REAL DEAL!!!"

Bear Family Records
"15 tracks, brandnew rockin' album from this Berlin Rockabilly quartet! All Killers - no fillers! A+ and recommended! - CD Review “Hurry Up!""

Now Dig This
"The original material is varied and strong and Allen, who comes across like Carl Perkins at times, is very adept throughout the set, which I would describe as unpretentious, good-time rock n roll. The guitar and piano solos and the production is up to the label's usual excellent standard.
Now Dig This! Magazin, Ausgabe Nr.395, CD Review “Rock, Jive & Stroll With Me!”"