Ricky Fabian

Ricky Fabian

Ricky Fabian - Vocals/Guitar
Home: Berlin, Germany
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rock'n'Roll
Booking: rickyfabianofficial(at)gmail.com


Singer/songwriter and guitarist Ricky Fabian, born and raised in Berlin, is a new promising name on the international roots music scene. He plays authentic Rock 'n Roll and was significantly influenced by all the great black and white artists from the late 1940's to the early 1960's. His music is an excellent blend of classic Rockabilly, Rock 'n Roll, Swing, Country and early Soul.

If one had to show it on a map, his music would be an overland ride from Hollywood via Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville and Chicago to Detroit.. in a 1950's Chevrolet! His compositions are unique, artful and catchy - just like the great tunes from the outstanding era that inspired him so much.
In 2016 he joined forces with the veterans of Desperado 5, another red-hot Rock 'n Roll act from Berlin that's been rocking Europe's stages for more than two decades.
For RICKY FABIAN AND THE RED HOTS, Rock 'n Roll means rousing rhythms that bring dance halls to a boil, as well as beautiful melodies that make girls' hearts melt. A concert of this explosive band is a must-see!"


Bear Family Records
"This guy is one of the most promising newcomers in years! Ricky Fabian has a tremendous voice no matter if he sings rockers or ballads!"

Famous Last Words
"Ricky Fabian is likely to be heralded as the next big thing"

The Rockabilly Chronicle
"Once I put the CD in my player.. It was an instant revelation!"