Roy Kay Trio

Roy Kay Trio

Roy Kay - Vocals / Guitar
Robin Cady - Upright Bass / Vocals
Mike Geglia - Electric Guitar / Vocals
Home: Seattle, WA/ USA
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rockabilly, Country/Hillbilly
Booking: roy(at)


The Roy Kay Trio, the drummerless trio that have been fixtures on the rockin' scene since 2002. Dynamic and powerful lead vocals and harmonies supported by huge rhythm and meaningful melodies, the trio continues to draw big crowds of dancers and listeners alike to their authentic and heartfelt stage show. Featuring the same members who have been rockin' around the world since 2001, The Roy Kay Trio always deliver a fantastic, energetic performance and you can tell they love every minute of it!

Since the trio was formed, they have released six full length albums, Wanderin' Mind (2002), produced by Deke Dickerson, recorded by Kearney Barton, Knockin' Em Back (2004), produced by Ashley Kingman, recorded by Wally Hersom, Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon (2006), recorded by Axel Praefcke, produced by Axel and the Roy Kay Trio and The Rhythm and Harmony of The Roy Kay Trio (2008), recorded by Roy Kay and produced by The Roy Kay Trio, The Roy Kay Combo, I'm Hooked (2010) and Mad and Blue (2015).
The trio has performed in several countries on many European, US and Australian tours with featured appearances at these international festivals: Rockabilly Rave (UK), High Rockabilly (ES), Hemsby (UK), Viva Las Vegas (US), Green Bay's Rockin' 50's Fest (US), The Rockin' Race (ES), Rockabilly Rave (US), Waldorf Weekender (DE), Screamin' Festival (ES), Summer Jamboree (IT), Camperdown (AUS), Garterbelts and Gasoline (AUS), Berlin's Rock 'n roll Firestorm (DE), Amsterdam's D-Day (NL), Wild, Wild, Wild (US), Red Hot and Blue (CA), Bumbershoot (US), Sasquatch (US) and many Northwest festivals including KEXP's Rockabilly Ball.


All Music Guide (US)- Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon
"Full of purest rockabilly and Western bop, the Roy Kay Trio's Rock-a-Way Lonesome Moon is a superb third album that finds the drummerless trio sounding better than ever. Having delved deep into straight-up rockabilly on the group's first two albums, guitarist/vocalist Roy Kay, lead guitarist Mike Geglia, and upright bassist Robin Cady move on to '50s country here. The result is an utterly tuneful and danceable album that reveals the trio's knack for sparkling vocal harmonies and snappy guitar twang. This is especially true on tracks like Kay's "Cold Tears" and Geglia's "Two of a Kind," which bring to mind a more rockin' version of such classic acts as the Delmore Brothers and the Blue Sky Boys. It also doesn't hurt that the album was produced in Berlin by German roots rocker Axel Praefke on vintage recording equipment, giving the album a warm period '50s sound. Third time is definitely a charm for the Roy Kay Trio with Rock-a-Way Lonesome Moon"

Back Woods beach party (US) Knockin' Em Back
"This one is hot – a gem in its tenacity and authenticity! The three piece – rhythm and take off guitars with an upright bass – move between swingin’ and frantic rockabilly with a couple of slower ballads. Musicianship is understated and makes each track work – no distortion or over cranked reverb pedals here. I guess the real test for an album like this is whether it sounds like it could have been recorded any time in the last 50 years – it definitely has a timeless feel."