The Backseat Boogie

The Backseat Boogie

The Backseat Boogie

Miko Cantù - Guitar & Banjo, Lead Vocals
Pedro Bredeon - Double Bass and Backing Vocals
Nick Rizzi - Saxophone, Harmonica and Backing Vocals
Martino Faedi - Drums and Percussions
Home: Mailand, Italia
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Rock'n'Roll
Italy: info(at)
Rest of the world: info(at) / backseatboogie(at)


The Backseat Boogie was born in the Milan area of Italy in 2007. They started out as a Rockabilly Trio. The band became a quartet a few years later when they added a harp/saxaphone player. To classify The Backseat Boogie as Rockabilly would be incorrect or rather reductive in their description. Their sound intersperses various types of music to include Rockabilly, Country, Rockin' Blues and Boogie.

They have intergrated a wild guitar, a solid rhythm section, saxaphone, harmonious vocals and even a banjo to create a sound that is uniquely their own. The majority of their repetoire consists of self penned songs about everyday life. Their witicism shows in the ironic and smart lyrics. Years of experience have combined to make a punchy, energetic show consistently.


Bear Family Records
“Fantastic Rock & Roll with Rhythm & Blues and classical Neo-Rockabilly elements, the band comes from Italy and plays real Party Rock & Roll, highly recommended!”

Famous Last Words Magazine, Oslo, Norway
"These rockin’ cats certainly hit the ground running and never looked back with this magnificent effort. Sign up for a ride with The Backseat Boogie as you will not be disappointed!"

Levi Dexter
"Backseat Boogie are a super-fun rockin' band from Milan that are sure to get your party started !! All My Friends Are Losers has been a top pick for theirs for quite a while. A band to keep your eye on in the future for sure"