The Cochran Brothers – Latch On with The Cochran Brothers

The Cochran Brothers – Latch On with The Cochran Brothers

The Cochran Brothers
Latch On with The Cochran Brothers
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
TRACKS 10 (20:59 min.)
FORMAT 10" LP • Gatefold cover • Klappcover

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Bear Family

Hank Cochran and Eddie Cochran, not related, both rose to international prominence in music – Hank Cochran in Country Music and Eddie Cochran in Rock and Roll. Their success as solo artists did not come overnight, though. Before that, Hank and Eddie joined forces in 1954 when they were only teenagers, Hank 19 and Eddie 16, but as the Cochran Brothers they made their very first professional steps in music. And they did so with some success; the Cochran Brothers recorded professionally for EKKO and CASH RECORDS, toured extensively along the west coast and were featured regularly on regional TV with the popular artists of the day. The lessons learned on the road and in the studio proved to be very valuable and gave Hank and Eddie the experience to drive their individual careers further once the Cochran Brothers disbanded in 1956.
The Cochran Brothers recorded a lot of material. There were accomplished masters, some of which were selected for release on singles, as well as demo recordings previously available only in substandard audio quality. For this 10 inch LP we've brought together the full master recordings to give you the best listening experience and to demonstrate the talent of these young performers to the fullest. The first side shows their capabilities as a country duo while the second side focuses on their skills in Rock and Roll. This is exemplified by Latch On which is featured in both a country and a rocking version. All three EKKO singles are collected here as well as two songs that were held back by EKKO and only released in the 1980s. Listening to these early recordings of the Cochran Brothers and appreciating their professionalism and talent, it is clear that their future success as solo artists was a very likely outcome.
Antoon van Olderen

Shaun Mather, Now Dig This UK
"Not only are the releases important historically, they're beautifully packaged with quality liner notes, gatefold sleeves and have all the hallmarks of the very best Bear Family releases of yore ... This beautifully packaged RWA 10-incher gives the full master recordings in pristine sound. I loved it and I'm sure you will too."