The Jelly Roll Men

The Jelly Roll Men

Kent Erik – lead vocals and harmonica.
Thomas “Pee Wee” Grim – guitar and vocals
Big Martin Rosten – upright and electric bass
Kai Evans – drums
Home: Norway
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Blues / Rhythm and Blues

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The Jelly Roll Men are on a mission! They want to the bring old-school blues to everybody out there. They band earned a solid reputation for beings a great live act and a real crowd-pleaser. Make no mistake. In spite of their stage antics, these guys take their music seriously. They don't play old-school blues to be different, they play it because it's in their soul. Their debut album "Jelly Roll Shuffle" -produced by award-winner producer and musician Little Victor -who also guests on the record- features the most authentic 1950's blues sounds.

The band was started by the Thorvaldsen brothers (Kent Erik and Thomas Grim) back in 2010 as "The Nine Fingers Blues Band" until they recently decided to successfully change their name into "The Jelly Roll Men" -something more appropriate for the music they play. This outfit is one of the hardest working blues bands in Scandinavia and one of few that plays this music like it's supposed to be played. They have worked with Joakim Tinderholt, Tommy Moberg (Trickbag), Little Victor and Ronni Boysen (Kokomo Kings).
Frontman, singer and harp player Kent Erik Thorvaldsen started to play harmonica in 2009 His biggest influences are Muddy Waters, Big Walter Horton, Little Walter, John Brim. He started the band "Nine Fingers" with his brother Thomas and they played their first gig in 2010 first gig together He became a singer when his brother decided to focus more on his guitar playing.
Thomas Grim Thorvaldsen first started to play drums, before switching to guitar. Just like his brother, he started to play blues in 2009. He was the original singer in the Nine Fingers Blues Band. He still sings but he leaves most of the vocal duties to Kent. He loves the old blues stuff and his favorite guitar player is Lightning Hopkins.
Veteran drummer Kai Evans (nee' Evanstuen) played in in many different bands in the past 20 years -as the Hennessy Blues Band - before joining forces with Kent Erik and Thomas. He loves old school blues music.-especially the classic Chicago style and vintage drum kits. He cites Fred Below and Sam Lay as two of his biggest influences on drums.
Upright bass player "Big"Martin Rosten-who also plays electric bass- is the newest member of the band. He played his first show in a blues band at the age of 17. He backed up heavy hitters such as Lazy Lester, James Harman and Otis Grand. His main influences on bass are Willie Dixon and Keith Fergusson. He likes to listen to Muddy Waters, BB King, Little Walter and Johnny Guitar Watson among others.


James Harman
"One of the coolest bands I've heard in Norway! Y'all need more of this music!"

Jefferson Magazine
"These guys are the bee's knees... Kent Erik brings to mind Kim Wilson in the early days -Very similar repertoire and vibe.
Great Chicago blues harp-lead band influenced by Big Walter and Little Walter."

Moss Blues Club
"We love to book this band as often as possible... They remind us what real blues sounds like"

Stefan Dafgfard, Jim's Combo
"It´s hard to find a more genuine and dedicated blues band. A tight, hard-swinging rhythm section backing up an ultra cool guitar, BIG tone harp and soulful singing thats guarantees to satisfy both hardcore blues fans and party animals. Don´t miss out if they´re playing in a town near you, The Jelly Roll Men are the real deal..."

Dusty Road Blues Festival
" Simply one of Scandinavia's best blues acts"