The Margraves – Primitive Beat (Vinyl)

The Margraves - Primitive Beat

The Margraves
Primitive Beat
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rock‘n‘Roll
FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl

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The Margraves, take inspiration from the late 50’s artists that created a new wild sound and create something new again. From upbeat vocal harmony tracks to untamed and moody instrumentals, The Margraves are filling dance floors worldwide from the US to Europe and Australia all the while bent on continuing their influences’ primitive tradition.
Primitive Beat, the raw up-tempo second record from The Margraves, combines catchy driving guitar hooks with warm vocal harmonies all set to, you guessed it, a primitive beat! Ray, Mick, and Bobby Margrave belt out vocal harmonies as Ray and Mick push through on their matching guitars, Bobby puts down a solid moving bass line and Mark Margrave pounds out a primitive beat. New to the line-up is Mark Margrave on drums. With Ray’s addition of tenor sax, the new sound is even more savage! Fourteen all original tracks will get you shakin’ and keep you there!