The Ramblin Bandits – On A Hill

The Ramblin Bandits - On A Hill

The Ramblin Bandits
On A Hill
LABEL: Rhythm Bomb Records
GENRE: Rockabilly
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

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This brandnew trio from Denmark was founded early 2016. Within the last months they could grow a solid fanbase. The video of their first single „WHY WHY WHY“ got viral on Facebook and Youtube. The »Ramblin Bandits« are Michael Skandov, Lasse Eriksen and André Prenthun. Lasse and Michael had several projects together within the last five years, but »Ramblin Bandits« is their first rockabilly outfit. André is playin Rockabilly for 15 years now and startet in 2008 the band »Johnny Horsepower«. For 13 years he played guitar with well known band »Wild Wax Combo«. The trio writes their own material and their style is raw garage rockabilly with some Blues elements and wild early 60s sounds. Their first record »On A Hill« was recorded at home and in a studio in Jütland, Denmark. It got 13 tracks, all self-penned by the band, no fillers only killers !
Ramblin Bandits got a 45 out with „Why Why Why“ and „Going Places“. This 7inch is limited to 500 copies and nearly sold out!