Too Much Booze

Too Much Booze

Too Much Booze
Drinking Songs Straight From The Jukejoint
Round The Corner Part 1
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: Vinyl 12″LP


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Hep cats and kool kittens dig this mighty fine mess of stone cold classic rhythm and blues tunes. We're riding the caboose to Boozeville. Have no fear, drink some beer, drink some wine, it ain't no crime, drink some gin, it ain't no sin. All "great shakes-no fakes" here, guaranteed to knock your socks off!

-Little Victor, a.k.a "The Mojo Man"

This is volume one of a series of danceable Rhythm & Blues re-issues. Picked by a DJ from his boppin' and rockin' set and remastered for best possible sound. This volume features songs about booze, beeing drunk and bad hangovers. 14 classic songs that make you move your hips.


  1. I'm A Wine Drinker
  2. I Got Drunk
  3. Drinkin' Woman
  4. Another Half A Pint
  5. Sloppy Drunk
  6. Wineo
  7. Bad, Bad Whiskey
  8. Drinkin Wine
  9. Quit My Drinkin
  10. Give Me One More Shot
  11. Beer Tavern
  12. Drunk Drivers Comin
  13. I Ain't Drunk
  14. Wine Wine Wine