VA – Play The Music Louder – Crest Rockabillies

Crest Rockabillies

VA – Play The Music Louder
Crest Rockabillies
LABEL Richard Weize Archives
GENRE Rockabilly
FORMAT CD digipac • booklet

Bear Family

This 32 track CD album explores the more up-tempo recordings of Hollywood based label ‘Crest Records’, which was owned by Sylvester Cross. The label issued an incredible blend of music from an equally amazing blend of artists, and this CD focuses on the white artists which left their musical legacy on the Crest label.
As was often the case of small independent labels very few national hits emerged, however artists such as ‘Glen Campbell’, and ‘Eddie Cochran’, became famous worldwide and Tommy Dee became known through his tribute recording of “Three Stars” (not included). Less well- known artists gained fame through latter-day reissues of their pulsating rockers; Latino Tony Casanova, “Yea! Yea! Come Another Day”, is a perfect and powerful rocker, country cat Tom Tall became hep to the beat with his guitar rocker “Stack A Records”, and those raucous brothers Bobby and Terry Caraway tonsils on “Ballin’ Keen”, are raw and boisterous, and there are many more pulsating rockers featured on the CD. Perhaps these and many of the other featured recordings were too wild for the petticoat and bobby socks era?
Be certain you can always buy a ‘Richard Weize Archives’ (RWA) product with confidence, for they are musical products made by a music lover who cares about quality and the integrity of music. This Crest Rockabillies CD re-issues several tracks that have been in vaults since their recording, and the sound is clear and vibrant. This CD album which is made by rockers for rockers testifies the statement.
Mark Armstrong , Bühl, Germany, December 2017

  1. Skinny Jim
  2. I.O.U.
  3. Let's Coast Awhile
  4. You'll Find Out
  5. Stack-A-Records
  6. Been Gone A Long Time
  7. Can You Bop?
  8. What I Like Most Of All
  9. Do I
  10. Drownin' All My Sorrows
  11. Date Bait
  12. Ridin' The Frets
  13. Ballin' Keen
  14. Cool Juice
  15. Rock 'N' Roll Blues
  16. Someone To Love Me
  17. Lovin' Lorene
  18. Wild Man Wild
  19. Can't Walk 'Em Off
  20. Bumble Twist
  21. What Happened Last Night
  22. Spotlight
  23. The Grave
  24. Ummm - Kiss Me Goodnight
  25. I'm Out Of My Mind (Yea-Yea)
  26. Night Shift
  27. Rockin' And A-Rollin'
  28. Yea! Yea! Come Another Day
  29. You Bet Your Little Life
  30. Mary Jo
  31. You're My Darling
  32. Tokyo Stomp