Vince and the Sun Boppers

Vince and the Sunboppers

Vince Mannino - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Francesco Ardito - Double Bass
Silvio Chiodo - Acoustic Guitar
John Ziino - Drums
Home: Catania-Palermo/Italia
Record Label: Rhythm Bomb Records
Musicstyle: Authentic Rockabilly
Booking: vinceandthesunboppers(at)

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Hailing from one of the sunniest sites in Europe, and being inspired by the huge musical heritage of the famous Memphis label, this newly formed Italian four piece rockabilly band, although new, includes some of the oldest hands of the genre around the southern border of Europe, as Vince Mannino, singer and lead guitarist of the band has been the first one to pick straight authentic rockabilly in his sicilian homeland way back in the late seventies, when just a teenager.

The rhythm and the sound of the Sun Boppers is filled up by Silvio Chiodo on acoustic guitar, one of the most complete local musicians, Frankie Ardito, cat-man to the bones, for anyone can sense it by the way this long tall man slaps his double bass, and last but not least, on drums John Ziino a real milestone of Italian rockin’ scene, fine record collector and well known rock’n’roll DJ.
Their live shows are filled up with traditional sound and include many self-­penned songs together with a blend of covers by obscure and well-­known rockabilly heroes of the fifties. Vince and the Sun Boppers aim is having fun on stage and let their audience have a good time and enjoy their music!


The Rockabilly Chronicle
"but if had had they told me those songs came from a lost Sun session (I guess there’s a reason why they’re called the Sun Boppers) from 1956 I would easily have believed them."

Bear Family Records
"'Devil Eyes' definitely will mutate to a floorfiller on the Rock 'n' Roll dancefloors worldwide! Five stars all the way and highly recommended!"